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Learning Management Software (LMS)

CourseWebs offers a number of learning management software packages to suit different needs and tastes. Whether you are a large, multi-campus educational institution or mid-sized company, we can design a solution for you. Every package includes a versatile online exam application, as well as an administrator control panel to manage courses and student records, and full phone and e-mail access to our technical support team, who can help resolve any issues.

Hosted Service

As a hosted application, the CourseWebs platforms run on our servers. Hosted accounts are provided for a flat rate, rather than per student licensing fees. Each account comes with an optional CourseWebs domain name, as well as personalized use of an institution's own logo, banners, and other branding across their site. It also includes software updates and daily backups of all stored files and information.

In any package, for a small additional fee, the CourseWebs support team can also work with an institution or company to customize and modify the software to meet their particular needs. You can add applications and features, change the basic layout, or even have us perform a complete overhaul of the software.

The CourseWebs hosted service packages are:

Basic - $189 per month

Our basic hosted learning management service package can accommodate up to 10 courses and up to 2,000 students. It includes an application for processing credit card payments (including PayPal) and a file manager for instructors and administrators, as well as three hours of software training.

Advanced - $229 per month

The advanced package provides for unlimited courses and an unlimited number of students, as well as FTP access, for easy sharing and storage of files.

Dedicated Server - $700 per month

With this option, the CourseWebs platforms are provided to the educational institution on a separate, unshared server. Includes ten hours of software training.

Licensed Service

For a single, one-time fee, an institution can license our software to run on their own server. The licensed service packages are:

Basic - $2500

Includes up to 40 courses and 100 online exams, and can accommodate up to 2,500 students.

Advanced - $2995

Includes up to 100 courses and 250 online exams, and can accommodate up to 5,000 students.

Unlimited - $4995

No limit to the number of courses, exams, or students.

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At CourseWebs, we help deliver e-learning the way it was intended. With a rich feature set and multiple applications for any learning environment, our learning management software is assisting hundreds of schools and companies in making online education simple and effective.

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